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We take immense pride to go by the name Yak because like the extraordinary animal of the formidable Himalayan ranges, we believe in serving with humility and dedication even while venturing off the beaten track. Yak Holidays International has over 10 years experience in operating tours with a proven track record simply because, like the exotic animal, we work hard to make your stay in Bhutan exciting, unforgettable and above all, fun.

Many of you perhaps have only heard or read about Bhutan. In fact, Bhutan is all that you’ve heard or read about and so much more. With Yak Holidays, you won’t just be traveling through this mysterious Kingdom high up in the Himalayas; you’ll touch its pulse and experience its heart.

Our passion for travel, experience and firsthand knowledge has, over the years, allowed us to bring together a group of like-minded travel professionals and a comprehensive variety of itineraries you can choose from. You might find yourself rafting the white waters in Punakha, trekking close to the snow-capped peaks as the blue sheep graze in Jumolhari or learning the secrets of Bhutanese culture and traditions as you sit for a meal with a Bhutanese family in a traditional Bhutanese house far away in a remote hamlet in Bumthang.

At YAK, we do not design tour itineraries for you. We provide the details of places and things that could be of interest to you, so your itinerary is developed in consultation with you. Our people have traveled and experienced most of the trips for themselves so will be able to guide you in your tour selection, answer your queries and share travel tips with you. It is this firsthand knowledge and that extra effort that makes Yak Holidays so much more different.

From the very beginning Yak Holidays has been built upon partnerships between ourselves and the local communities in the places we operate. Our belief is that the communities must benefit from our presence. Hence, our tours and treks are arranged in ways that uplift and enhance the well being of local communities. And all this is done keeping in mind one of the four pillars of Gross National Happiness. – Conservation and preservation of our culture and environment.

Mask dance It is trying and stressful to go on a trip anywhere, especially so if the trip is in a distant land just opening up to modernity. But, you can put your mind at ease by learning a lot more about us and the kind of people who travel with us by visiting our visitors’ forums. You’ll come across travelers exchanging views, asking questions and reminiscing about their holiday memories while all along our staff offer travel advice. We were recently honored to host His Excellency the former President of Ukraine Mr. Victor Yeschenko and his family. (Photo to the right)

As the Managing Director of Yak Holidays International, and as a travel enthusiast, I strongly believe that tourism is all about uniting people from various cultures while showcasing the uniqueness of what our tiny hidden Kingdom in the Himalayas has to offer. In short, tourism for us is not just a business – it is a way of life.

So, if Bhutan does beckon, you can book with us with confidence knowing that you are in good and capable hands. It is said that happiness breathes in Bhutan – do come and experience it!

Sithar Tamang

Sithar Tamang

Sithar Tamang
Managing Director

2015, Visit Bhutan Year - A Yak Holidays' Presentation

Clients' Video Testimonial

Clients' Testimonials

"I have had an amazing week, and the beauty and peacefulness I have experienced in this amazing Kingdom has created so many memories that I hope will be with me for the rest of my life [...]"

Gael McNally,New Zealand

"The information and the itinerary were perfect. It would be difficult to explain everything as Bhutan is unique. We were greeted with great love and respect as we stepped out of the airport [...]"

Ms. Carole/Dr. Paul Jokiel, Marine Scientists, Hawaii

"Thank you for a wonderful adventure in Bhutan! My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it. we are still talking about it and recommending it to everyone [...]"

Dick Rappleye, USA

"Back in Holland I think of Bhutan all of the time. What a wonderful country you have, and what a nice people. We had a great time and hope to visit you again [...]"

Mariatte Bossers, Netherlands

"Traveling to Bhutan was a dream come true for me. Before leaving I was apprehensive that I might have been in for a disappointment after so much dreaming, however it turned out to be even better than I expected [...]"

Rosalia Coll, Mallorca (Spain)

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